The Thrift CLT for Soham

Mon 02 Jun 2014

A carnival in Soham on Bank Holiday Monday gave the CLT a great opportunity to introduce the Thrift CLT.

The Thrift CLT for Soham has been formed recently by a group of people, backed by the Town Council and East Cambridgeshire District Council, who want to make Soham a better place to live, work and play for generations to come.

By forming a legal entity, the CLT has the opportunity to talk to local landowners and authorities to acquire assets such as land and buildings which can be kept for the benefit of the community of Soham forever.

The steering group manned a stall where people came and talk about the things which mattered to them about living and working in Soham. Over 40 people filled in the quick questionnaire which asked about their preferences and whether affordable housing was an issue for them.

The members of the CLT will be talking to associations, groups and members of the public in Soham throughout the summer to recruit people interested in joining the Thrift CLT and explaining more about what it can achieve for everyone.

The Thrift CLT for Soham

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