New grant programme is proof that CLTs deliver

Sun 16 Jun 2013

The National CLT Network has launched a new programme inspiring communities to set up Community Land Trusts: “See it and Believe it”.

There are now more than 100 CLTs in England and Wales, 25% of which have been established in the last year alone. The movement is set to expand further, and expand rapidly: CLTs have cross-party support and with localism and community rights at the forefront of the development agenda, the conditions are right for growth.

 Wednesday 18th July will also be the 75th anniversary of the birth of Slater King, the pioneer of the modern CLT movement. An economist and civil rights activist, King formed “New Communities, Inc.” in Georgia in 1969. Today, the American CLT movement boasts over 5000 homes, giving an idea of how the UK picture could grow.

 The Network’s new programme draws on the experience of groups which have already delivered to inspire the next generation of community development organisations. It will make £30,000 of grant funding available to new CLT projects, giving them the opportunity to visit successful schemes across the country.

See it and Believe it is open to emerging community organisations and established CLTs looking to deliver a new project. Grants will be worth up to £750 per group, to cover travel and other costs for the visitors, and a fee for their hosts.

 Hannah Fleetwood, Programme Officer at the National CLT Network: “Groups will have the chance to learn from one another, to swap ideas and to spur one another on. By drawing on the practical expertise of successful CLTs, we want to show other groups who may still be undecided about CLTs that this really works: communities really can deliver”.

 Participating host schemes include:

  • East London CLT, an organisation of over 1000 members representing residents of East London. They will be involved in the redevelopment of the former St Clements Hospital, Bow, as affordable housing; later, they will be part of the Olympic park legacy.
  • St Minver CLT, Cornwall. Their self-build scheme made homes available to residents for under 1/3 of their open market value, and guarantees this affordability in perpetuity with a resale price covenant.
  • Worth Community Property Trust, Dorset. The Trust recently developed the first affordable homes built in their community for 20 years, completing award-winning archaeological work in the process.
  • Lyvennet Community Trust, Cumbria. In 3 years, Lyvennet CT have delivered 20 affordable homes in their village, and rescued the local pub as a community enterprise. The pub renovation brought in over 4000 hours of volunteer time from across the community.
  • Homebaked CLT, Liverpool. The CLT is the local response to several years of failed regeneration schemes in the deprived Anfield area. As well as providing affordable housing from vacant properties, the project will bring a disused bakery back into use as a community enterprise. Local young people have been involved with the architectural team and will become construction apprentices when work starts on site.
New grant programme is proof that CLTs deliver

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